Saturday, November 19, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (548) Easy - 易

 The shell bone script of character Easy is

The left are three water drops, the right is half of character of Enon and Mortise. When it is difficult to put Enon and Mortise in position, but it is easier to do so when you spray some water on Enon and Mortise. 

The bronze script of character Easy is

Similar to shell bone script, just the Enon and Mortise is flipped. 

The small seal script of character Easy is

The top is character Sun (Post 4), the bottom is character Do Not (Post 547). People in the sun get sweating easily. The character is totally different approach the meaning from the older scripts, but it is very reasonable. 

The clerical script of character Easy is

similar to small seal script.

The pinyin of character Easy is Yi4.


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