Monday, January 2, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (556) Still - 尚 (尙)

 The bronze script of character Still is

The top is character Eight - 八(Post 156), which means Divide, here it means details. The middle 门 alike means big house or building. The bottom is character Mouth - 口, which means "explanation" here.

In the ancient time, people made some rules to regulate people's behaviors. This character shows that there are rules made by people's discussion (mouth - 口), in a big house - solemn place for public meeting; to make everything in detail on people's relationships (Divide). Therefore, original meaning is the rules of people's behaviors in the society.

The big seal script of character Still is
Similar to bronze script.

The small seal script of character Still is
The top changed from 八 to 小, I don't know why. It is baseless to me. The bottom is similar to older scripts.

The clerical script of character Still is
Similar to small seal script.

The Pinyin of character Still is Shang4.

The character now means Still, Yet, something should happen but not happened yet, highly possible will happen. I don't know why it changed to that meaning.

The simplified character is 尚, however, there is another one 尙 in traditional song typeface with same meaning. Simplification eliminated the 尙, which is good.

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