Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (562) Ancient City - 郭

 The big seal script of character Ancient City is

The left is character Enjoy - 享 (Post 389), 

The top is a multi-storey building, which was very rare in ancient time, only Kings could have. The bottom is circle of a place where many people live together. In the character Ancient City, the left has two buildings, one upward, another downward, the circle between is the city, which means that there are many this kind buildings. Some people believe that the multi-storey buildings are to towers on city wall - the circle.

The right part is character Town or Village - 邑 (Post 561). 

The character Ancient City means that there is a place where many people live together, more than Town or Village, because there are many multi-storey buildings.

The small seal script of the character is

Some similarity to big seal script.

The clerical script of the character is 

Changed a lot. the left is character Enjoy. The left bottom is character Child, and top is the left top of small seal script, which should be a building. The right part is called Radical Right Ear, a simplified character Town or Village, but not having any similarity. It is possible from cursive script.

The pinyin of the character is Guo1.

The Town or Village meaning of the character has almost disappeared right now, only exist in proverb, or ancient writing Chinese. It is often used as a popular family name today.

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