Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (563) Noise - 噪

The shell bone script of character Noise is

The top has three character Mouth, the rest is character Wood, here means tree. The character means that there are many birds on tree, opening their mouths and making noise.

The big seal script of the character Noise is

The left is character Mouth, the right is not character Noise, the top is not three-mouth, but one mouth on the nest. But the left Mouth Radical emphasizes that it is the mouth that makes noise.

Why is the big seal script not keeping the form of shell bone script? It may be due to the shell bone script had been used in many compound characters without meaning of noise. People made a new character to keep the meaning of noise by adding a Mouth Radical on the left.

The clerical script of character Noise is

The left is Mouth, the right is similar to its shell bone script. The top right is like character Appreciate - 品(Post 339), but is not that character. The lines connecting the three mouth are missing, making it look like character Appreciate.

Its Pinyin is Zao4.

The 喿 was not used long time ago, I guess at least two thousands years ago. But it is still listed in traditional song typeface, but not in simplified song typeface. It was replaced by 噪. 

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