Monday, April 17, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (580) Flute - 笛

 The big seal script of character Flute is

The top is character Bamboo (Post 23) or radical Bamboo, they are the same in above. The bottom is character Due to (Post 164), which original means Oil can. Here is a music stone can like the picture below.

The inside of the stone is empty, if you blow the hole, it will make sound, same as flute. However it is difficult to find this kind stone, and the sound is single tone, difficult to make good music. People invented the method of making flute, similar to the stone can, but much more holes and wider range of tones, easier to get, and very cheaper. 

The small seal script of character Flute is

Similar to big seal script.
The clerical script of character Flute is
The top is Radical Bamboo, the bottom is character Due to, here is a can.

The Pinyin of the character is Di2.

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