Friday, June 23, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (594) Medicine or Medical - 医(醫)

 The big seal script of character Medicine or Medical is

The left is a side open box with a character Arrow (Post 38), here means that a person was injured by arrow. The right is character Spear (Post 590), here means that some one holds a stick or tool to treat the injured person. 

There is another explanation: the left is a box, inside is arrow or something like acupunctural needles; the right is something sharp like spear or knife. All those are medical supplies used to treat patients. 

The above script is very like the big seal script of character Beat (Post 593),

The difference of the two is the dot. Character Beat has no dot, character Medicine or Medical has dot. The dot is an arrow, which indicates a person injured by arrow. No arrow means not injured person even though he would be injured by beaten later on.

The small seal script of character Medicine or Medical is

The top is similar to big seal script above, the bottom, is character 酉 - Liquor Jug (Post 104), here means medical jug with some Chinese medicine inside. As time passed, people knew more about medicine, the treatment was not just to use tool or stick, but Chinese medicine, some are liquid in a jug. 

The clerical script of character Medicine or Medical is

Similar to small seal script.

The traditional song typeface of the character is

Similar to clerical script.

The simplified song typeface of the character is 

which is the top left of the traditional song typeface, meaning is a person injured by an arrow, nothing to do with medicine or medical.

The pinyin of character 医/醫 is Yi1. 

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