Thursday, July 13, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (603) Lodging - 宿

The shell bone script of character Lodging is

The out contour is a house, the left in the house is a Person (Post 37), the right is a sleep bamboo mat. A person is sleeping on a bamboo mat in a house, which is Lodging for night. 

The bronze script of character Lodging is 

Similar to shell bone script except the bamboo mat is on left, and person is on the right now.

The small seal script of character Lodging is

The person is on left, and right is not like a bamboo mat anymore. I don't know why it changed to that.

The clerical script of character Lodging is

The top is called Radical Treasure Cover, meaning the roof of a house. Under it, left is Radical Person, the right is character One Hundred, which has nothing to do with bamboo mat. No idea why it is here.

The pinyin of character 宿 is Su4.

宿 means a house for people to sleep over night: lodge + sleep + night. It would not be 宿 if any one is missing. That is "lodge + sleep", "lodge + night", "Sleep + night", are not  宿。The home house, the dormitory, the hotel, are 宿. The car where people take a nap is not 宿“.

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