Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (614) Pour - 浇(澆)

 The big seal script of character Pour is

The left is character Water (Post 13), the right is character Emperor Yao (Post 612), meaning is to make bricks. The bricks are made in kiln by fire, how to control the temperature to avoid too high temperature over burning the bricks and the kiln? Ancient Chinese used water on the top of the kiln where a circle ditch was full of water all the time in the brick making process. The character shows that people pour the water on kiln. When and how much to pour water on the ditch are important, which needs experience, especially for pottery products. It is not so critical for burning bricks, normally just keep the ditch with water since some time point.

The small seal script of character Pour is 

Similar to big seal script.

The clerical script of character Pour is
The left is Radical Three Drops, a simplified character Water. The right is character Emperor Yao, similar to older scripts.

Simplified song typeface of character Pour is

Again, the right top 戈 is from nowhere. 

The Pinyin of character Pour is Jiao1. 

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