Friday, October 20, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (631) Grass. - 卉

The big seal script of character Grass is

The three grass leaves.

The small seal script of character is 

Similar to big seal script.

The clerical script of character Grass is
The middle one becomes much shorter, the bottom two become connected as 廾, not like grass anymore. 

The Pinyin of the character is Hui4.

There is another character Grass - 草 (Post 49).

Big seal script of 草

The middle is character Morning (Post 266), the four corners are four grass. The character describes the picture the grass field in the sunrise time, the character 草 has a character Sun - 日 (Post 4), which is surrounded by grass, and in the same level of the grass. 

Normally, the character 草 is wild grass, the character 卉 is ornamental grass or plants, just like Ornamental flowers. This is why character 卉 has very neat and close three grass, 草 has scattered distributed grass.

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