Sunday, November 12, 2023

Amazing Chinese Characters (637) Fall Sleep - 寐

 The big seal script of character Fall Sleep is 

The uptown U is a house, the left under the ceiling is character Bed Board (Post 635), plus a 一 on top, become character Ill, but here is not ill, is lying down on bed. The right part under ceiling is character Not Yet (Post 338), which also means "Future". There is no person, but there is bed, the character Not Yet means some situation not sure, not clear, blurred. When people fall sleep, their minds go to dream where nothing is real, nothing is clear, similar to the uncertain future. 

Besides, the character means that people sleep in house, and on bed, not outside, not on chair, not on floor. It is very formal sleep.

The small seal script of character Fall Sleep is
Similar to the big seal script.

The clerical script of character Fall Sleep is

The top is Radical House, the bottom are characters Bed Board, and Not Yet. The 一 on top of Not Yet missing, most likely is to eliminate intentionally.

The Pinyin of the character is Mei4.

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